Fuel Oil, Gas / Oil

Capacity 420,000 - 19,100,000 BTU/HR.

Type AC

Type AC is an air atomized burner designed to fire #2 or similar distillate fuels with higher turn downs compared to pressure atomized burners. Combination fuel burners that will fire a wide range of gaseous fuels are also available. Power Flame Incorporated has introduced the Type AC Air Atomized #2 Fuel Oil and combination Gas / #2 Fuel Oil burners. The Type AC burners are catalog rated from 23.5 GPH to 136.4 GPH on light oil and from 3285 MBH to 19,100 MBH on gaseous fuels. The burners are capable of an 8:1 turndown ratio on oil and a 10:1 turndown ratio on gas. This latest addition to a full range of burner products expands the company's offerings for commercial, industrial and process applications. The Type AC burners are U.L. Listed, provide state-of-the-art design for maximum combustion efficiency and operating dependability. These packaged combustion systems will fire #2 fuel oil or similar distillate liquid fuels, as well as all types of gaseous fuels. The flame retention firing head incorporates a single nozzle air atomizing assembly for liquid fuels and a nozzle mix multiport combustor for gaseous fuels. The unique air sandwich design of the firing head produces full range stable performance in both positive or negative combustion chambers. Operating adjustments have been minimized to provide trouble-free start-up and operating performance. Air atomization of liquid fuels provides a greater turndown capability over conventional pressure atomized burners. The entire family of Type AC burners are easily adaptable for low NOx operation.