Fuel Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Gas / Oil

Capacity 1,200,000 - 11,600,000 BTU/HR.

Type HAC
Power Flame's Versatile Heavy Oil/Gas Forced Draft Burner Low-pressure air atomizing system for #2 through #6 fuel oil Multiport combustor and unique Power Flame air envelope assure maximum stability for gas combustion New high velocity, vortex/mix, retention firing head, no burner choke or refractory throat required Circular opening, no special cutting of furnace front plate Equally efficient combustion in positive or negative draft Standard Equipment Control panel with three lights and control switches 3450 RPM motor and squirrel cage blower wheel assembly Full modulating operation, all fuels Gas/electric pilot assembly with ignition transformer, solenoid valve, and pilot cock Pilot and main gas pressure regulators (#1 max. inlet) Combustion and atomizing air proving switches