Fuel Gas

Capacity 50,000 - 2,200,000 BTU/HR.

Type JA

Power Flame's Versatile Small to Medium Range Gas Burner

Designed to fire natural, LP and a full range of waste and other gaseous fuels, Type JA burners are high performance Forced Draft power gas burners for the small to medium commercial/industrial application. The Power Flame Type JA gas burner presents optimum, state-of-the-art design for maximum combustion efficiency and operating dependability. These packaged combustion systems will fire natural, L.P. and a full range of waste or other gaseous fuels. The flame retention firing head incorporates a premix combustion zone with stainless steel, multiport diffusor to produce full range stable performance in both positive and negative combustion chambers. The JA burner is capable of firing high-pressure drop and confined combustion chamber configurations. Operating system adjustments have been minimized to provide trouble-free start up and operating performance.

The Type JA produces efficient combustion without the aid of refractory or other costly flame support devices. The integrally mounted control cabinet on the JA (optional on the JRA) provides annunciation features usually found on larger industrial size systems. The modular design produces added flexibility in the choice of optional features. All Power Flame packaged combustion systems are factory fire-tested to ensure cost effective installation and start up.