Pump and Compressor Set

    Unique design includes fuel and compressed air transportation requirements for the air atomizing combustion system. Pump and compressor mounted and piped on a common base, employing single motor for both transportation functions.

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    Duplex Pump Sets

    With Simplex strainers and piping crossover. Packaged systems can incorporate master control panel with interlocks for operation at the pump or from a remote location.

    Pumpset Literature (PDF)


    Triplex Pump Set

    Designed to provide fuel transportation for individual burners or capable of meeting single source, multi-burner requirements, while providing spare capacity for individual pump down time.

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    Standard Direct Drive Pump Set

    Applied to Power p2Flame's light oil combustion systems and standard on C4-OB, C5-O light oil burners and C4-GO-30, C5-GO-30 light oil and gas burners. Optional for C4-OA and C4-GO-25

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    Standard Belt Drive Pump Set

    Applied to the air atomizing combustion system. Standard for #6 fuel oil applications.

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    Pre-Piped Gas Train Packages

    Available in a wide range of custom built configurations. Pre-engineered and specifically matched to the attached combustion system, designed to meet special code, pressure drop and flow requirements.

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