Basic Controls And Troubleshooting Class; 102

Our two-day Basic Controls And Troubleshooting Class; 102 is a new great starter stand-alone class or a perfect pair with our Basic Combustion Training. It goes over our most common basic flame safeguard controls. Much of the class consists of hands-on troubleshooting electrical and gas train issues on our different burner and control packages. We are able to simulate the most common issues that techs will see in the field and help you navigate to quickly identify and solve the issue using a voltmeter and monometers.


  1. Classroom presentation covering basic control systems setup and related equipment used in the commercial burner industry.
  2. Understand a electrical meter and uses in burner components.
  3. Ability to have over 20 electrical common electrical faults allowing extensive HANDS-ON troubleshooting of electrical component diagnotics on a live fire burner.
  4. Understanding of basic components of the most common controls.
  5. Understanding of common gas train components.
  6. Understand wiring digrams.
  7. Understanding gas train diagrams.
  8. Identify ways to reduce downtime and repeat visits due to electrical problems.
  9. Setup of basic burner flame safeguard control systems.
  10. Demonstration and HANDS-ON troubleshooting of the following.
    – Safe startup.
    – Safety device locations and functions.
    – Sequence of operation.
    – Itentifiy wiring of components and locations in panels.
    – Different panel locations and identifications.
    – Gas train setup using gauges and water monemeter.
    – Types of Regulators and setup.
    – Siemens LME series controller.
    – Fireye YB series controller.
    – Mod motor models and setup.
    – Honeywell 7800 series controller.
    – Siemens LMV series controller.
    – AutoFlame MK8 Series controller.
    – Diagnose and identify common control faults.
    – Using a meter trace electrical wiring for component failure or wiring mistakes.
    – Safe startup practices.