Parallel Positioning Training, 301

Our three-day Parallel Positioning Training, 302: will be taught by industry experts and will focus on three mainstream parallel positioning platforms including Siemens LMV 5, Fireye Nexus, and Autoflame Mk8. Attendees will spend a day in training with each of these controls’ groups and experience hands on training with controls trainers combined with a power point presentation. 


  1. First day of training will focus on Fireye NXF.
  • Fireye history.
  • Introduction into parallel positioning.
  • NXF4000 introduction and capabilities.
  • Form factor and components.
  • Input voltages.
  • Fuel profiles.
  • Wiring options.
  • Touchscreen options.
  • Sensor inputs.
  • O2 trim.
  • Setup and commissioning using interactive trainers.
  • Questions and answers.

  1. Second day of training will focus on Siemens LMV5 control.
  • Input terminals, output terminals, and wiring is discussed.
  • Description of control logic and sequencing.
  • An explanation of the different parameters.
  • Setup and commissioning hands on using trainers.
  • VSD setup.
  • O2 trim is discussed.
  • Questions & answers.


  1. Third day of training will focus on Autoflame Mk8 cotrol:
  • Introduction in to Autoflame.
  • Control overview (will discuss Mk8 MM and mini Mk8 MM).
  • Peripheral Parts Installation and Setup.
  • Valves, Servos, Sensors, Level control.
  • Electrical Installation Guide.
  • Burner Start up.
  • System Configuration.
  • Boiler room Display Commissioning.
  • Post Commissioning.
  • Worksheet Exercise.
  • PID Control.
  • Lead-Lag control/sequencing (IBS).
  • MM Expansion Features overview.
  • Mk8 EGA Evo + Mk8 DTI overview


Attending the Basic Combustion Class is recommended before enrolling in this course.