Basic Combustion Class; 101

Our two-day Basic Combustion Class; 101 is our most popular class and the best class to start with. It goes over the fundamentals of combustion, safe burner start-up, and adjustment. The majority of the class consists of hands-on training in our training facility with several different burner and boiler packages. We also cover linkage adjustment and touch on parallel positioning. This training pairs very well with our Basic Controls and Troubleshooting Class; 102.


  1. Half day classroom covering combustion theory and related equipment used in the commercial burner industry.
  2. Linkage Trainer allowing students to familiarize themselves with linkage operation and components before working on a fully operational burner.
  3. Power Flame burner models and their modes of operation.
  4. Demonstration and HANDS-ON setup of typical burner and boiler room components.
    – Understanding burner drawings and bill of materials.
    – Hands-on linkage setup.
    – Burner safety device setup and testing.
    – Boiler Safety device setup and testing.
    – Common component electrical diagnostics.
    – Fuel supply and pressures.
    – Manually clocking fuel rates with formulas.
    – Calculating boiler room make up air.
    – Pilot removal.
    – Pilot testing and setup.
    – Using data sheets for burner combustion tuning.
    – Diffuser adjustments and reasons why.
    – Oil nozzle removal.
    – Oil nozzle adjustments and setup.
    – General burner maintenance.
    – Removal and maintenance of gun assemblies.
    – Oil system setup.
    – Common burner failures.
    – Burner integral oil pump setup.
    – Honeywell mod motor setup.
    – Siemens mod motor setup.
    – Safe startup practices.