Director SCS Control SYSTEM Class; 202

Our two-day Director SCS Control System Class; 202 covers the complete start-up and commissioning of the Power Flame Director SCS, a fully integrated PLC Control System, powered by Honeywell SLATE. The course curriculum includes theory as well as hands-on training. Attending the Basic Combustion Class is recommended before enrolling in this course.


  1. Classroom Presentation covering Director SCS setup and related equipment used in the commercial burner industry.
  2. Modules and Components
  3. Overall Functionality of the Director SCS system and its capabilities.
  4. Slate Logic
  5. Director SCS web logic.
  6. Passwords for different operating levels.
  7. Demonstration and HANDS-ON setup using indiuividual slate desktop trainers.
    – Curve setup.
    – O2 trim.
    – Web inferface setup.
    – Kit loading.
    – VFD setup.
    – Actuator setup.
    – Safety verification.
    – Setting PID loops.
    – Pilot hold location
    – Options and how they come on and off.
    – Data Logging.
    – Saving curves and file backup.
    – VFD and Actuator deviations.
    – Fault codes.
    – Annunciator setup.
    – Screen navigation.
    – IP addresses.
    – Using a PC for setup.
    – Safe startup practices.